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It is now over 20 years since I founded Edgework Consulting, and I continue to find deep satisfaction and excitement in the work. I am committed to taking the most cutting edge research and shaping it into skills, tools and program designs that are accessible, unique, and high impact.


I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. I soaked up every course, from "Close Relationships Across the Life Span" to "The Role and Meaning of Play". I didn't know it at the time, but studying the ways people grow and evolve over their life course would form the foundation of all my work.

Between 1994 and 1998 I strung together a series of jobs. Each one was an intense and influential experience: from implementing after-school programming in Israel for Ethiopian and Yugoslavian immigrants, to teaching human sexuality and relationship classes to middle school students in Maine. 

These jobs provided a foundation in group dynamics and developed my passion for working with people. I thrive on understanding and cultivating the potential of people, both children and adults, to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

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In 1998, I settled in Boston and into the world of freelance facilitating. It was a perfect fit.  

I took jobs wherever I could, from outdoor teambuilding to customer service training. Those first couple of years I logged roughly 150+ days a year of facilitating.

Along the way, I fell in love with the craft. I found magic in marrying deep client relationships with innovative program design and high impact delivery.

In 2001 Edgework was born.


The work has taken me from Wall Street to Gaza, and from the conference room to the soccer field. 

I believe in research driving practice. In particular, I focus on "high impact behaviors" - what people can do in their role or organization to have the greatest effect. 

I thrive on creating environments that are inclusive, engaging, and safe for everyone to learn and take risks. 

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Photography by Kent Dayton

Over the past two decades I have learned there are few problems that can be solved with a single solution.

So, I research. I design. I facilitate. I write. 

I humble myself to the complexity of the human experience and I challenge  myself to find the parts where I can make a difference.  

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